About us

The Garmisch-Partenkirchner therapy concepts for children and young people with a chronic disease which may be eased with multi-diciplinary treatment. This requires a team of experienced doctors and therapists.

In our clinic we offer a variety of therapy concepts:

1. The Garmisch Therapy Concept for children and young people who suffer from rheumatism

We approach the child’s illness with comprehensive therapy concepts and perceive the child or young adult in his overall personality.

The Concept is based on five columns:

- Medical Therapy

- Physiotherapeutical Therapy

- Physical Therapy

- Psycho-Social and Paedagogic Therapy  

- Clinic School 

The team works out a comprehensive interdiciplinary treatment concept. With individual measures the interactions of the different disciplines are optimally used for a successful therapy. In order to guarantee a long-term therapy success for your child, parents and family are important partners and as such receive comprehensive support from the beginning.

2. Ward for Pain Therapy

Chronic pain with children and teenagers is on the increase and cannot be treated successfully by means of medicine alone. As one of two specialized institutes in the German speaking area, we treat chronic illnesses at the child or teenager age levels with a multimodal therapy concept. In the ward for pain therapy, patients are confronted with an interdisciplinary team applying modern strategies to ease pain. The aim being to reduce pain, strengthen the self-confidence of the child, promote social integration and make patients fit for their everyday life.